An example of the magical circle used during the ceremony.

The Pillars of Belore Purification Ceremony, or simply the Purification Ceremony, is a highly difficult spell that requires at least four people to successfully complete. It is a procedure that demands total concentration and a high amount of Mana, making teamwork an absolute priority for a successful treatment. However, because it is an aggregation of power from several experienced Priests, it is remarkably effective towards Fel corruption, with even the capability of casting out powerful demons from a possessed person.


Cleansing the BodyEdit

The procedure begins when a four-signed seal of Holy magic is summoned on the floor, with the patient placed at its center. Each Priest that will take part in the ceremony take their places on one of the four Thalassian symbols in the circle; Heaven, Earth, Guide, and Cleanse. Each priest begins to focus their cleansing magic on a portion of the patient's corrupted body, while remaining very aware of their potency during the ceremony. While purification magic is beneficial in countless ways, the intensity required to perform this spell can prove harmful if not properly balanced. Controlling the Mana into matching the proportion of corruption present is quite difficult, thus this treatment requires extended periods of time to complete. While in most cases it is unnecessary, some ceremonies may have additional Priests present to replace another that may be exhausted.

Freeing the SpiritEdit

When the expulsion of a Demon is required to eliminate the Fel corruption, the same seal is summoned on the floor. However, because it is a Demonic possession, the patient will have to be restrained by Holy magic at the center of the seal. The Priest that is occupying the Earth symbol of the circle will be the one to focus their attention on restraining the entity.

Once they are successfully bound, Heaven and Cleanse shall begin warding off and weakening the Demonic entity with strong Holy magic. They are to remain careful not to attack the innocent soul of the patient, but to precisely target the leeching presence that clings to it. When the hold of the Demon's power is weakened enough, Guide will drive the spirit out by pulling it from the patient with potent Holy Light; and once it is fully extracted, all four Priests may then seal away the spirit as they see fit. Some common and effective methods include Soulgems and soul prisons.

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