For a Squire that seeks Truth, deep and complex moral questions must be asked and considered during any and all waking moments. The Life of Truth is to ensure that the other three paths do not stray and that whether or not they like the result, they know the Truth. It is a thankless job, a job that takes wisdom and understanding of the Light. But the end result is a Paladin that knows the Lore of Light better than any, one that can teach or instruct, one that can Guide, and one that knows exactly how to advise their fellow Paladins. The Life of Truth is a long and difficult journey, but also one of the most rewarding.

The Life of Truth is a path that a Squire who has joined the Chapter wishes to walk upon in Order to serve in its ranks, and while all trials of the other three Path's are hard, the Life of Truth is a walkway that not many are able to tread for you must understand the Truth in all things, to see everything there is about a situation or event. You must be the moral compass for the Chapter, the unflinching and unwavering wall of faith. A Knight of Truth must take every single spoken word and find the true meaning behind them, must be constantly alert to understand the true will of the Light and how the Lore of Light speaks on the matter.

A close and solitary walk upon the Path will begin your journey, where you will be tested based on your reactions to certain events, how will you react to situations and what is truly and deeply inside you as a person. If you pass such a challenge you will be tested daily on five pure truths that you have learned that day and prayed about. You will spend a week with the Priests and Bishop's of Quel'danas studying the ancient texts and then being tested to place it into practical format. The life and path is hard and each applicant is different... The final miles upon the walk are unknown and change based on who it is applying and how they fared in previous events. Upon finishing the Life of Truth, and one takes up the Mantle of Knight you become a unflinching wall of Holy Justice and Order, advising the other Paths on what is the True path, what is moral and what is accepted by the Lore of Light which will be studied on a daily basis. You become one that all come to for advice and you must look deeply to find the answer and give them the Truth, regardless if they want to hear it or not. This is what it takes, are you prepared?

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