Life of Compassion Edit

The Life of Compassion is what a Squire who chooses the Path of Compassion can expect during their Squireship to a Knight of Compassion.

Stage 1: Introduction Edit

The Squire meets with their Knight for the first time and is given their first assignment or assignments.

Weekly assignments will continue to be issued throughout the entirety the Squire's squireship. The topics of these assignments can vary, but a Squire can at least expect to cover the Virtues on more than a single occasion.

Stage 2: Training Edit

Training consists of attending a weekly training session and at least one additional meeting with their Knight per week. The squire is required to report to their knight proof of their attendance unless the Knight is also at the session.

Training is complete after four training sessions are completed and at least four meetings with their Knight are also completed.

Stage 3: Trial Preparation Edit

Trial preparation continues as the training stage did. The Squire is required to attend weekly meetings with their Knight as well as training sessions. During trial preparation the Squire will learn important information about the Order of the Silver Hand, the Quel'thalas Chapter of the Silver Hand, the Highguard, and about the Path of Compassion.

In addition to the aforementioned subjects the Squire will continue to train and complete weekly assignments based on the Virtue as well prepare to debate the Virtues with each Horseman by joining in mock debates with other Squires and or Knights.

This stage of Squireship is complete when the Squire has once again attended another four training sessions and at least four meetings with their knight.

Stage 4: Trial Edit

Trials are held in a private session between the Knight, his or her Squire, and the Horseman of Compassion. Each trial is tailored to fit the individual Squire's strengths and weakness and is designed not only to test their knowledge of the Light and the Virtues but also their resolve, conviction, and character. No one trial is the same for two Squires, be that is it may, trials are not to be discussed in detail for any reason.

The trial will be scheduled within four weeks of the Squire's completion of the other stages. During that time the Squire must meet with his Knight at least once a week and may continue to attend weekly training sessions.

Stage 5: Virtues Debate Edit

After completing their trials, Squires are required to debate with each other Horseman the specific Virtue they exemplify. Once completed the other Horsemen will inform the Horsemen of Compassion of the Squire's success or failure. From there the Squire's Knight will be informed so that he may retrain or commend his Squire.

Once all four debates are completed, the Squire will be given his Shield and the Silver Hand colors while they await their Knighting ceremony.

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