"Due to the growing populace of the Quel'dorei and Half-Elven throughout the Kingdoms of Azeroth, the Church of the Holy Light has granted ministerial authority to the ecclesiastics of Elven descent. Allowing these Knights and Priests to administer religious and legal authority in regards to the Elves and their associates throughout the world of Azeroth. To help bridge and connect these members of society, creating a sense that even without their original home of Quel'thalas, they are still connected."

-- Statement issued by Bishop of the Faith, Mother Fiona Vynam. --

Section One: ReligiousEdit

Any registered Quel'dorei with in the Church of the Holy Light shall be given the ability to;

1. Request a Priest of Quel'dorei descent to officiate any religious rite within each Diocese
2. Acquire training through a ecclesiastic of Quel'dorei descent
3. Submit that their funeral or marriage be officiated through the Diocese of Quel'Danas and 
a. be legally acknowledged through any Kingdom in the Grand Alliance
4. Request that a permanent Residential official of Quel'dorei descent be stationed within their local Diocese, or
5. request that the current official be replaced.

Section Two: JudicialEdit

Any registered Quel'dorei within the Grand Alliance will be given the ability to;

1. Request a Quel'dorei delegate from their local diocese to act as a legal guardian and barrister to their defense
2. Submit in writing for permission to sit their judicial sentence in the Diocese of Quel'Danas by watch of the Thalassian Silver Hand.
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