The Book of SunstriderEdit

Chapter One Edit

(1) Great is he who shouldered the world with strength from the Light. (2) Great is he who continued on through great trials to deliver those faithful to a promised land. (3) Great is he who stood fast to his convictions, (4) yet was unafraid to ask for strength from the Light.

Chapter Two Edit

(1) Blessed are those who humble themselves before the Light, (2) even of noble birth, (3) for their hearts will be known, and the Light shall look after them. (4) Blessed are the faithful who endure great trials, (5) with the warmth and love of the Light rooted deep within, (10) with motives pure, who shall be rewarded and know paradise.

Chapter Three Edit

Chapter Four Edit

Hymn of the Eldar Edit

The Book of BeloreEdit

Chapter OneEdit

(1) Known to all is the Light, O merciful divine (2) but known to the Highborne was only the Arcane. (3) We understood not eternal love, only the allure of power, which took many souls in unholy bargain. (4) Yae, to be forever in the throes of magic is to be forever risked to fall to eternal damnation. (5) We did not see the loving warmth of the Light, (6) and such was our folly. (7) Many dealt in deals with the defilers of all that is Holy, ( 8 ) our beloved Queen to lead us to ruin. (9) Alas, not all followed our Queen into damnation. (10) We remaining of the Highborne took up arms against the defilers of Azeroth, of the Light, and even against our lost kin. (11) Great is the Light that scours away the evils in Darkness. (12) Great was our resolve to right the wrongs of our brothers and sisters, (13) and great was the scorn of the Kaldorei, who distrusted us now more than ever.

Chapter TwoEdit

(1) We attempted to atone for what the others had wrought, (2) for the Light knows what resides in your heart, (3) yet the Kaldorei did not. (4) We had been shown mercy, however, and found home (5) but not without suspicion. (6) Ah, but the Light was still unknown to us, (7) and once again the allure of power had us in a grasp most cruel. (8) We were weak without faith, (9) our hubris and gambit to prove the power we claimed birthright lead us back into darkness, (10) and the betrayal of those who had taken us in. (11) Again, the Kaldorei showed us the mercy that their faith had taught. (12) In our minds we deserved none for our repeated failings, and betrayals of good will, (13) and we thought such for we did not know faith.

Chapter ThreeEdit

(1) Exiled, our fate was in the hands of a vial, (2) our faces turned towards the sky, (3) the first moments that we felt wonder, warmth. (4) Thanks be to the Light that shone down upon us from the sun, (5) that illuminated our path to salvation. (6) Praise be to the Light that shone down upon us from the Sun, (7) and inspired us to found the High Kingdom. (8) Great is the Light, the bringer of life, the nourishing, whose servant is the sun. (9) Is it not fate that we were to be exiled? (10) To set upon a path that would intertwine us with humanity? (11) To be told of the Light, whose agent is the sun that nourishes us? (12) Is it not fate then, to create a fount of nourishment, and call it the Sunwell? (13) For it has nourished a people, as the Light does. (14) So sayeth by many, the fount is most Holy, for only the Light could work such miracles.

Chapter FourEdit

(1) In the Light, our past sins were washed away, overcome with its wisdom. (2) The Sunwell's majesty flowed through our veins, (3) and we now knew what true power felt like; (4) the pure grace of the Light. (5) O Light, your presence and strength lead us away from the darkness our ancestors courted. (6) O Light, your wisdom taught us that all things are one in your gaze. (7) All things are connected under the Light, (8) so we live in harmony and balance with the nature around us, (9) the Light above us, (10) and the magic within us.

The Book of Champions Edit

Chapter One Edit

The Book of Prayer Edit

Psalm OneEdit

Psalm of the Sunwell

In the sacred Light I drown
The endless fountain.
Draws me into
The Light of hearts,
the place beyond
Then I shall be renewed

Psalm TwoEdit

Psalm of Light's Strength

With Light's strength, let us see the moment,
That cast our souls and heart into torment,
Let us find healing in Light's purest grace,
And a new path that leads to benevolent ways.
May I pass on the wisdom of Light's glory,
Have its righteous words uttered through me,
So contempt and pain are retained by none,
And have the mercy to see the crime undone.

Psalm ThreeEdit

Psalm of Praise

O Holy Light,
Who has filled the world with beauty and the power of Belore:
Open our eyes to behold your gracious hand In all the workings of the Sun;
that, While rejoicing in the splendor of this creation,
We may learn to better serve you with heart and purpose.
For the sake of the Divine,
Through whom all things are bound,
We pray,
O Holy Light.

Psalm FourEdit

Psalm of Fortitude

Make my mind once more a tool of the Light,
So it may understand the wrongs and right,
Let my thoughts be purified and reborn,
let my heart be strong, untorn.
Bestow upon me your ultimate gift,
a way to close this darkened rift.
Let my soul not forever in shadows roam,
but find eternal peace within Belore's home.

Psalm FiveEdit

Psalm of Warding

Darkness encroaches the world around us,
and hides the path that is Virtuous,
To the Light we are bound in oath,
In our hearth we find again the road,
The way that will lead us to illumination,
And cast the darkness to eternal damnation

Psalm SixEdit

Psalm of Inner Fire

Light, spark in my heart the fire and passion,
to fight with respect, tenacity, compassion.
Align me with our sovereign Sun,
render the darkness among us undone.
In this moment where I need them so dire,
Bless me with the strength of Belore's fire.

Psalm SevenEdit

Psalm of Confession

To the ancestors, our silent guardians, I beseech thee.
As we listen to another confession, lend us your strength.
Another soul has called for our aid.
Let your blessing be upon them in this burden great.
Once more we are asked to absolve a sin's weight,
Lend me the strength for their burden to be heard,
Let Belore be strong enough to mend their hurt.
May the Light's blessing keep them from harm,
In the name of the Light we pray.

Psalm EightEdit

Psalm of Mending

In this hour I call upon the Light of the Sun.
Your child cries out for you, oh Blessed.
May you make what was broken, whole again.
As your mercy was gifted to our ancestors,
I ask for it once again.
Extend unto me your gifts, oh glorious Light
so that I may extend such unto the needy.

First HymnalEdit

Hymn OneEdit

Hymn of Safety

Dear Light, my silent guardian, I beseech thee,
As we listen to another confession, be with me,
Another heart and soul have called for our aid,
Let your blessing be with me in this burden great.

Once more we are asked to carry a sin's weight,
In a desperate plead for love that couldn't wait.
Lend me the strength for their burden to be heard,
Let our love be strong enough to mend their hurt,

May the Light's blessing keep us safe from harm,
So my deepest feelings may yield a cradle warm,
As we nurture the hungering heart, lost in pain.
Lest our suffering and our hurt be all in vain,

May Light's help make my heart and soul so strong
As their hearts confess to me, what they did wrong.
But until their salvation, let my mouth be wise,
And my heart bleed silent until the sun's rise,

May my face for them prove stalwart and fair,
My eyes show only love and no tear rest there,
Help me prepare for the that troublesome sleep,
Where I find Light's comfort and in silence weep.

Hymn TwoEdit

Hymn of Light Alone

In the Light alone my hope is found;
The Light is life, my strength, my song;
This cornerstone, this solid ground,
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm.
What heights of love, what depths of peace,
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease!
My comforter, my all in all—
Here in the love of the Light I stand.

In the Light alone, Who took on strength,
Fullness of Light in helpless babe!
This gift of love and righteousness,
Scorned by the ones the Light cradles,
Leading us on the path to love,
Where this path never ends
Here in the Light I live.

There in the ground do sinners lay,
Light of the world by darkness slain;
Then bursting forth in glorious day,
Up from the skies the Light rained
Keeping us shielded from the dark.
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me;
For I am with the Light and the Light is with me,
Bought with nothing but love.

No guilt in life, no fear in death—
This is the pow'r of the Light in me;
From life's first cry to final breath,
The Light commands my destiny.
No pow'r of damnation, no scheme of man,
Can ever pluck me from its light
Till the Light calls me home—
Here in the pow'r of the Light I'll stand.

Hymn ThreeEdit

Hymn of Wishes

There’s a light shining down on my pathway today,
Causing darkness and shadows to flee;
And my soul doth rejoice as I walk in the way,
There’s a light shining down upon me.

There’s a light shining down, down from the sky on me,
There’s a light that shines from the skies on me;
I will walk all my days in its wonderful rays,
There’s a light that shines from the skies on me.

Once I wandered in darkness and groped in the night,
Unto the Light for mercy I called;
The Light heard my sad cry, and opened my eyes,
And a light on my pathway did fall.

Light will bless everyone who will to Light come,
Light will turn all their darkness to day;
Will you come to the Light and so humbly bow,
That this light may shine down on your way?

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