Section I: Conduct on The Holy IsleEdit

Sworn members of the Church of the Holy Light shall refrain from;

i. speaking in offense of the Light; to blaspheme or partake in uncouth discussion.

ii. to act in such a way as to cause, partake-in or contribute to injury to property, lands or persons within.

iii. the consumption of alcohol, tobacco or additional arcane supplements not native to the Ley Energies of the Sunwell.

vi. Bringing such prohibited substances to the island, or instructing others to do so

v. Bartering souvenirs from the Isle for other items, currency or favour.

Souvenirs as defined as any item from the Isle

Section II: The SunwellEdit

The Sunwell, defined as the lands that encompass the Sunwell Plataeu

Pilgrimages to the Sunwell must

i. be requested a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the date scheduled
ii. be requested in writing to the Bishop
iii. include a list of names who shall be upon said pilgrimage
iv. not exceed twenty-five (25) persons to be permitted at once
v. observe appropriate attire, as defined by a garment that covers the head and no weaponry

Half-Elves will be permitted

i. by a special request made to the See of Quel’Danas
ii. on approval at the discretion of the Bishop, and
iii. upon a case-by-case basis

Waters of the Sunwell are

i. handled exclusively by the resident High Priests and
ii. stored and kept by the Residential Bishop whom is steward of such
iii. prohibited from leaving Quel’Danas unless the Bishop requests such, and
vi. receive a full escort by the resident Silver Hand
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